Splicing Systems

RAM Conveyors stock a wide range of splicing materials to suit every application.

RAM Conveyors have a variety of the latest 2 piece and knock down water cooled Vulcanisers capable of splicing belt widths up to 2100mm




Hot Vulcanised Splicing

• 2 piece rubber and dedicated PVC presses

• KD Units 900, 1050, 1200, 1400, 2100

• Spot Repair press

• N, M and specialty Splice kits


Cold Vulcanising

• Cement Adhesive Splice kits

• CN Filler rubbers

• Repair Band

• Diamond Patches

• Epoxy PU Filler kits


Belt Joiners

• Hinge Rivet joiners

• Ready Set staple fasteners

• Mato Heavy Duty Hinge joiners

• MS Screw hinge joiners

• Wire hook and hammer in hinge joiners

• Rip repair - Solid Plate fasteners


Rubber Joiners

• Super screw joiners (Available in Hi Temp)

• Fix N go screw repair kits for tears (2 meter kits)

Specialty tooling and equipment is available on request.

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