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Belt Cleaning Systems

Primary Belt Cleaners

A full range of Flexco primary belt cleaners for every application, powder coated or stainless steel. Tungsten tips for superior cleaning or poly tips for high belt wear applications. Tension the tips to the pulley with bolt, spring or air tensioners. A well tensioned primary cleaner can remove up to 75% of carry back.

Secondary Belt Cleaners

High performing conveyor belts, with low dust requirements require high performing Flexco cleaners. A secondary cleaner is essential in many applications delivering a clean belt and a reduction in return idler wear and tracking issues caused by build up on return idlers.

NEW! FMS Secondary Cleaner

FMS Secondary cleaner, tested in Australia's toughest mining applications. The tungsten tipped FMS Cleaner combined with a Flexco Primary cleaner will keep your belt clean and conveyor productivity up. Spring tensioned with the new MST tensioner has a compression spring making it easy to set and check the correct tension, just measure the length of the spring. Available in Flexco's proven powder coating or in stainless steel, in common belt sizes.

H Type Primary Belt Cleaner

Designed to be positioned on the belt at 15 degrees down from the centre line of the head pulley, to remove the bulk of material stuck to the belt as it returns. The H Type has proven performance for over 30 years, it is considered one of the best primary belt cleaners on the market for tough applications. Where blade life and carryback performance is critical, the Flexco H type is first choice. Whilst there are many H Types on the market, Flexco manufacture their own tungsten and poly tips to ensure the best performance and tip life.

NEW Cartridge option

200mm segmented blades

Up to 3.2m conveyor span

Bolt, spring or air tensioned

Tungsten or poly tips

Powder coated or stainless

Rockline EZP1

Designed to be positioned on the belt at the centre line of the head pulley, the EZP1 is a one blade belt cleaner for hard rock and cement applications. The blade is quickly and easily changed by the removal of one pin. The blades winning cleaning perfomance is a result of it's patented shape to ensure the same angle on the belt after wear and a unique recipe of polyurethene poured at the Flexco factory in the USA.

Blade widths 450 to 1800mm, allowing 25mm from each belt edge.

Maximum belt speed 3.5m/s

High Temperature blade option

Spring or torsion bar tensioners

Confined space options

P Type Secondary Cleaner

Designed to be position 100mm back from where the belt leaves the pulley, this versatile cleaner can be used by itself or in conjunction with numerous cleaners, depending on the carryback specification and room available. With proven performance over 30 years, it remains a benchmark in secondary belt cleaning technology and is widely used in Australia's bulk handling ports.

Cartridge option

150mm segment tungsten tips

Conveyor span upto 3.2m

Powder coated or stainless

Bolt, spring or air tensioned

Y Type Secondary Cleaner

Designed to be positioned 100mm back from the pulley on the return side of the belt the Y Type is a new cleaner from Flexco for hard rock and cement applications. Quick and easy blade change outs make this effective low cost cleaner a great option for construction materials producers. 

Cartridge configuration

Spring or bolt tensioned

Tungsten or poly blades

Reversing belt options

MHS Secondary Belt Cleaner

​Designed to be positioned 100mm back from the pulley on the return side of the belt the Flexco MHS belt cleaner is a premium secondary belt cleaner. The propriatory cushion design uses a roster mount and the flex in the steel to provide two points of relief on the belt. The low rubber content means this cleaner is designed for tough applications where scraper life and performance matters. 

Cartridge option

Spring, bolt or air tensioned

Powder coated or stainless steel

Tungsten tip for superior performance

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