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Conveyor Belting

RAM Conveyors is a privately owned, independent belt supplier, that sources globally to supply locally. We have the experience to select the right belt for your application and the flexibility to meet your budget. The belt can be prepared to your custom requirements, delivered and installed or delivered as a roll.


A large range of stocked conveyor belt means we can respond to your needs quickly. Splicing options include both Hot & Cold Vulcanisation or mechanical fasteners.


Our focus is providing belts at the lowest cost of ownership, with our global sourcing and high levels of customer service and expertise.

We stock both plain and cleated profile belts ranging from 1ply through to 5ply with a wide variety of cover grades and profile types.

Custom Hot Vulcanised profile belts are available on request, supplied with cross cleats, V tracking guides, straight or wave edge wall or Steep angle profiles.

All other Specialty belting including Steel Cord are also available on request.







Solid Woven

PVC Solid woven belt is woven from super strong polyester yarns and impregnated with PVC to resist shrinking and stretch.

  • Single unit carcuss construction

  • Rot & moisture resistance

  • Excellent clip and bolt retention

  • Minimum elongation

Belts rated up to 400 PIW stocked

Stocked Slab rolls include COS120, COS150, COS250

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Conveyor belt manufacture in Europe
Stocked conveyor belt
Stocked Conveyor Belt
Solid Woven Conveyor Belt
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Splice Kits

Splice kits to go with your custom fabric or steel cord belts

Bolt Solid Fastener

Quick and easy splice installation and great for rip repair

SR Rivet Hinged Fastener

  • Low profile & poly blade belt cleaner compatible if properly recessed

  • Quick installation with MSRT tool

  • Maximum resitance to pull

  • Easy joint seperation with a removable hinge pin

Bolt Hinged Fastener

Hinged fastener with easy to install bolts

Ideal for conveyors with smaller pulleys or when frequent belt length changes are necessary

Aligator Staple Fasteners

Package and baggage handling, cased goods, parts, food and agriculture.

Available in steel, stainless, Megalloy & magnetic stainless.

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