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Conveyor Load Zone

Impact & Slider Beds

Designed to offer a simple and effective means of protecting the belt in the conveyor load zone. Specification and installation of the bed is made easier with adjustable trough angles, while still providing the rugged durability found with all Flexco products. Every impact zone is different, ensure your supplier takes the time to record the sizes and loads correctly on our datasheet.

The series features universal STOCKED components that result in an effective, yet affordable, solution.

Conveyor rubber skirt

Rubber, known for its high wear resistance and good sealing ability, has been used to seal conveyor systems for decades. All common sizes available in 60 & 40 duro.

Poly Conveyor Skirt

Conveyor skirt needs to be softer than your belt. Poly skirt has a very low coefficient of friction which means it will wear slowly without damaging your belt, whilst creating a great seal. All common sizes available.

Conveyor Skirting

Dust reduction starts with a good skirting system to seal between the belt and the chute. The skirt is sacrificial it is important that the skirt be adjusted regularly, and this will only get done if it is quick and easy. Flex-Lok skirting allows quick and easy adjustment of conveyor skirt with its durable toggle locks.

Lengths are 2m and available in powder coated or stainless steel.

Rubber Impact Bars & T bolts

You know that your impact bed is looking after your belt, look after your impact bed with new impact bars. Be sure to buy high quality bars where the UHMW top has been moulded on not just glued.

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