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Conveyor Pulleys 

Our 25 years experience of supplying conveyor pulleys to projects and overhauling them in the workshop gives us the confidence and experience to ensure that you get the best pulley for your applications.

New pulleys built in part or completely in Australia or overseas, RAM Conveyors have all options covered. From high end large drive pulleys, manufactured in Australia, complete with high end locking elements, bearings, plumbing blocks, gear boxes and drives. Or small pulleys for mobile conveyors manufactured overseas with bearings fitted at the RAM Conveyors workshop, and everything in between.

Pulley Design

  • Pulleys can be supplied as per your specification or designed by us, in collaboration with our partners, for your application

  • Shell - Shell cylinders can be manufactured from appropriate materials to meet the requirement of your conveyor. Shell material and thickness designed to meet both start and run stresses

  • Shaft - The shaft size and material will be designed to meet the required deflection and stress at the hub, bearing and drive.

  • Locking Elements - Not always specified by customers, but always recommended by RAM Conveyors. High quality locking element brands including Ringfeder, TAS, Mav and others are used to minimise shaft and end disc stresses, whilst being optimal for ease of maintenance,

  • End Discs - Internal and external welds can be included to avoid stress concentrations in this critical area.

  • Lagging - Essential for increasing pulley shell life, and providing good traction to the belt. The lagging used, whether rubber, ceramic or poly, is always chosen for quality and the traction it provides.

Standards Applicable - as required

  • AS1065 - Non-destructive ultrasonic testing of shafting materials - NATA Approved

  • AS1210 - Stress relieving of pulley shells

  • AS1554.1 - Welding standard as 'General Purpose' (GP) or 'Special Purpose' (SP) - Full penetration

  • AS1403 - Design of rotating steel shafts

  • AS1627.4 - Grit blasting

  • AS2207 - Non-destructive ultrasonic testing of pulley welding - NATA Approved

  • AS3678 - For steel plate materials

Call today, we are here to help match the pulley to your application and budget.

Conveyor pulleys
Conveyor Pulleys TEFCO
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