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Conveyor Rollers, Frames & Trackers 



Conveyor Idlers and rollers are not just a tin can with a shaft. The cost of labour and down time to replace the idler is always much higher than buying the replacement idler, so it makes sense to buy a quality roller.


To avoid premature idler failure it is important to protect the bearing from ingress of dirt and the bearing being overloaded. Only with a good bearing, sized correctly for the application combined with a great seal will the idler survive the tough conditions necessary for todays industry

Standard steel roller

The tube is rolled from electric-resistance-weld ERW 200 - 350 range tube, using prime quality steel as per AS1450, BS 1387:1985; GB/T 1 3792-92 and other equivalent standards for conveyor tubing. Each shell end is precision machined to fit the end housing to ensure concentricity.


  • Trough rollers, Flat carry, Flat returns, Vee returns

  • Stocked in diameters 114mm, 127mm, 152mm

  • Bearings properly sized for your application

  • Special specifications are designed and made to order

Rubber or Poly impact roller

How the product is recieved on to the belt in the load zone can impact on belt and idler wear. Impact rollers in a load zone are always difficult to change out, so it is important to ensure a good quality impact roller.

Our rollers are fitted with single row deep groove ball bearings, but in extreme conditions spherical roller bearings are used, which have a greater tolerance to shaft deflection and a higher dynamic capacity. Our impact rollers also use a variety of reinforced bearing housings to adapt to the various drop heights and lump sizes seen in the impact zone.


Rubber disc impacts use press fitted rubber disc's and a welded retaining ring at each end of the roller is used to ensure the rubber disc's are firmly clamped and retained in position during operation.

HD Nylon roller

The RKM Nylon roller utilises high quality nylon grade 90 tube which has the highest flexural strength of all the polymers, 96.5 MPa at 23⁰C. The tube is machined to ensure minimal TIR and combined with our specially formulated resilient solid polyester or ribbed nylon bearing housing, we are able to produce a dynamically balanced Roller which meets AS3709 G16. The precision-machined resilient solid or ribbed housings offer a very quiet vibration free roller.

Medium Duty PVC roller

NEW! An innovative economic roller from RKM for applications where an HDPE roller can't take the load. ​The PVC roller has half the deflection of an HDPE roller, and costs a lot less than a nylon roller. Quiet running, corrosion resistant and 70% the weight of steel, the new PVC roller is the best value on the market.

HPDE Poly roller

Low noise, low weight and no corrosion doesn't need to cost the earth. The RAM HDPE roller is inexpensive and proven across many industries including quarries, power stations and coal mines. 

Roller Tracking Disc

Keep the belt from leaving your conveyor. Easily installed without roller removal, no edge damage, economic fix to persistent tracking issues.

127mm & 152mm sizes available.

127mm Outer diameter = 250mm

PTEZ Tracker

Pivot & tilt technology creates two forces that bring the belt back on track faster and before the tracker reaches maximum travel, where so many trackers get stuck. The urethene lagging provides exceptional life over some of its rubber lined competitors.

The PTEZ is especially useful in locations where the conveyor stringers are close to the belt, not allowing space for servo rollers. Or in appplications where the belt already has edge damage. This tracker can be used in many tracking applications, allowing site standisation.

PT Smart Tracker

For conveyor belt tracking problems that persist, a belt tracker can keep the product on the conveyor and the belt away from the structure. Trough side or return we have tracker to solve your issue.

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