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Bucket Elevator

As an independent supplier to the grain industry, RAM Conveyors is a one stop shop for grain conveying with belt.

Rubber plied belt for bucket elevators, flat or troughed grain belts. Fire and Oil resistant belt to meet your grain specification

High grade PVC Solid woven in 120lb, 250lb or ATI350, cut to suit application

Straight Warp FRASOR belt, single ply, 800PIW. The warp in the belt is straight providing extremely low elongation.

Crescent top belt for tubeveyors of all sizes

Elevator Buckets & Hardware

RAM Conveyors specialises in technical supply chain solutions for the Bulk Materials handling industry. We have over 25years experience in the industry, working with market leading manufacturers and designers. We pride ourselves on supplying a high level of customer service to our customers with high quality products.


RAM Conveyors stocks and supplies JET Elevator buckets from STIF, a leading European manufacturer based in France.


JET CC_HD buckets are designed for use with all slow or fast-flowing products.


  • Deep Bottomed with high capacity

  • Food Grade - particularly suited to grain

  • Very high-quality polymer bucket versions (HDPE / PA 6 nylon) 

  • Extended lifespan with excellent resistance​

Key Features

  • High Speed Centrifugal Discharge 90 – 270 m/minute

  • Temperature Range -60°C to +90°C

  • Tough, Lightweight & Flexible

  • Non Corrosive & Non Sparking

  • Clean Finish to provide a Clean Discharge


Electrical Conductivity

In order to determine the Electrical Conductivity of plastics used for buckets the electrical resistance is measured in Ohm as per test method ISO 284 & DIN 22104

  • Polyethylene 2.2 x 1010

  • Nylon 2.0 x 1014

  • Polyurethane 4.2 x 1015


The result shows that the JET polyethylene buckets display the highest electrical resistance (least conductive) followed by polyurethane & then by nylon. As far as it is known, plastic elevator buckets have never created a spark that led to a dust explosion in a bucket elevator.

Fang bolts with nuts and washers in all common sizes

Dura Splice joiners for elevator belts in two sizes depending on belt tension

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