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Wear Protection & Rubber Products

Pulley Lagging

Pulley lagging is an effieicent wear protection to your important conveyor pulleys, offering protection against shell wear and corrosion. Also assisting in increasing the co-efficient of friction on the drives which reduces operating tensions by taking the load of your system components, whilst reducing power consumption.

Diamond Pattern natural rubber lagging 

Diamond Pattern natural and ceramic lagging

39% ceramic and rubber lagging

'Full ceramic' lagging

Poly lagging

Conveyor Skirting Rubber & Poly

Conveyor skirting strips are available from stock in various mediums including standard, 60 and 40 duro rubber and urethene.

Rubber impact & wear pads

Protect your chute from the wear caused by hard rock impacting your chute wall at conveyor speed. 'Rock boxes' can cause blockage issues and nothing absorbs impact better than rubber. Great for Quarry applications or gold, copper and other hard rock impact applications.

Wear pads

Rubber and ceramic wear liners are used to protect against the most extreme impact and wear conditions. Options include:

Steel backed rubber wear plates

Steel back composite Ceramic Wear plates, with 92% alumina tiles

Aluminium T-Tracked Rubber wear plates

Aluminium T-Tracked Rubber wear bars

Screen Capping rubbers

Rubber extrusions for Screening applications such as stringer bar capping rubber and grip strips for screen dust control, stocked at RAM Conveyors.

Chute Lining Rubber

Sheet rubbers are used in a variety of applications particularly related to the lining of steel components such as bins, hoppers and tanks. At RAM we stock a range of various compounds and hardness rubber including 38, 45 & 60 duro, with thickness's ranging from 6 to 20mm. Also in stock are insertion rubbers for general purpose applications in thicknesses from 1.5mm to 12mm thick.

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